My first clothing items of the season came in earlier this week! The delivery was from Bryce & Bouji, the hot up and coming line I “discovered”.


The lace printed tape on the box was a nice touch.


Having this stuff arrive early in the shipment window was really a life saver. I have a photoshoot for DuJour fashion magazine today in my home, and if it hadn’t come in I wouldn’t have had much to wear or to show for fall, since Lauren Conrad won’t be shipping for a while.

I’m also doing a product shoot tomorrow for the first half of the fall merchandise. Very busy weekend, indeed!


Here’s a little behind the scenes sneak peak at the DuJour shoot. All the new Bryce & Bouji, Voom and Vava stuff is on the rack in back. The model is wearing the Byce & Bouji Chiffon Dress, which was a last minute choice but I’ve quickly fallen in love with it, especially the way I styled it. That clutch is from our Onna Ehrlich merchandise, in addition to a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes and a $10 belt that looks like it cost five times that much!

Okay, I’m off to get my make up done. Hopefully this shoot comes out just right!

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3 Responses to New Arrivals + Photoshoot Today

  1. lauren says:

    wow the lace tape really is a nice touch, so pretty! i’m sorry about some of the pieces not being produced, i’m anxious to see the new merch. though!:)


  2. letitia says:

    Oh that is great it came in early!! I am so ecstatic to see how it turned out..I get first dibs right?


  3. Kim says:

    Lauren – Eh, it’s okay. I got 2 things I REALLY like out of it.

    Letitia – Yup! You’ll see it first. I saw all the pics really quick today and they look like they came out pretty nice.

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