Oh what a day! I just wrapped up an 8 hour shoot in Santa Barbara for the cover and editorial off the bridal mag — I’ve been up since 2am and still going on only a couple hours of sleep…how I don’t know! This was the biggest shoot I’ve done to date — I pulled from a dozen or more lines and shops, which included about 10 gowns, tons of jewelry, mens clothing, head pieces, shoes — the works! This shoot was one of those situations where just about everything that could go wrong does; worst of all being that NONE of the grooms outfits fit properly, which is pretty much as stylists worst nightmare.

IMG00405-20111122-1410Since we were shooting outdoors at multiple locations it was such a challenge to keep things organized; you’re working with sooo many items and out of a car (no table space, and no assistant). But despite all the problems we went through (which also included having to delay the shoot twice and booking a model at the 11th hour) the looks the crew put together came out AMAZING, I seriously couldn’t be more excited to see the final results. The fact that we had the most prominent photographer in our region shooting for us makes me extremely confident of the outcome.

IMG00406-20111122-1432We shot 7 looks, and generally us stylists try to make editorial spreads cohesive, but each look ended up having a completely different feel. Considering the fact that it’s our first issue and we didn’t have a solid theme, I’m not too concerned about this — it’s definitely inspiration for brides of all different tastes. We started with elegant and feminine styles and ended with dark, edgy and fashion forward looks.

ETA: I’ve seen 4 or 5 preview images and they’re looking AMAZING so far — it totally embodies the upscale, jetset type of feel the editor wanted — yay!  Can’t wait to do this again early next year.

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