My updates have been slow around here for the past month, but work has not been! For the past couple of weeks I’ve been either shooting, preparing for shoots, or working on the Bridal magazine, which launches in a few months.



The first was a bridal hair inspiration shoot with photographer Bryan Toh, who always does a fab job. We shot for 9 hours and did 3 looks, so needless to say it was a long day for everyone. I pulled four amazing gowns from a local bridal store and a couple of cocktail dresses from a local boutique — the model looked amazing, but I’m afraid the outcome of the shoot is going to end up a little too much on the “commercial side”.

The following weekend I styled a shoot for First for Women magazine with a very well known local photographer. This was my first professional freelance gig, my first shoot for a national newsstand publication, and the first time I was specifically asked by an editor to style for them — three birds with one stone! This is pretty much the moment every creative freelancer waits for, and at only a year into this career it’s pretty motivating. Look for the issue on newsstands January 2nd!

Mind you, all this time I’ve been prepping for the cover and editorial shoot of the bridal magazine ….which has been rescheduled twice at this point. As of right now, it’s scheduled for Tuesday which gives me tomorrow to put all the finishing touches in place. My entire living room is FILLED with bridal gowns, jewelry, shoes and suits. It’s amazing that I can pull what seems like too much, then it gets here and it’s not even enough!

Hoping the weather is good in Santa Barbara this Tuesday! Check back later this weekend for all the deets!

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