Very excited to see the editorial I styled earlier this month up on Austrian digital fashion mag  C-Heads This particular shoot was quite an adventure because it was my first time pulling looks from PR houses, and also my first time driving around LA!  (Shocking, I know!)  I ended up renting an SUV and staying overnight in LA the day before the shoot to get it all done.  Crazy and tiring day, but fun overall.  It took about 6.5 hours just to pull the full wardrobe (for this shoot and another shoot) from three different showrooms and it really opened my eyes as to how much work the big name stylists must put into their job, and why they can command as much as they do.


Tolani top; American Apparel belt; Boulee skirt; Skinny by Jessica Elliott rings; Evil Pawn necklace; knee highs c-heads_ruckus6
Work Custom jeans; T-Bags top; H&M belt; Little Rooms cuff


Finders Keepers romper; Skinny by Jessica Elliott earrings; Zara belt; H&M belt
Boulee dress; Poparazzi earrings


Cameo dress; Skinny by Jessica Elliott earrings; Dalita bracelet; Judy Klimek necklace;


Blaque Label skirt; Cameo top; Skinny by Jessica Elliott earrings and rings
American Apparel belt; Poparazzi earrings; Boulee dress


LoveMode dress; Skinny by Jessica Elliott rings; socks;



Photographed by Vanessa Cabrillas
MUA Kristee Liu
Hairstylist Jenn Taniguchi
Wardrobe stylist Kimberly Lawson
Stylists asst.  Jessica Sunshine Harding
Model Erika Davidson @ Next

My favorite shot: the 5th picture with the cut-out back.  That particular outfit went form being my favorite, to my least favorite, and then back to my favorite again.  I loved it at first but when I put it on the model, initially, she kinda looked like a fashionable Wonder Woman (it is red and blue and all).  But once I saw the angle of the photo and the cutouts on the back I fell in love with it again.

This was the shortest shoot I’ve ever done; I have no idea how we managed to  shoot 8 looks in 5.5 hours, and finish 30minutes ahead of schedule, when we usually end up running over by 2 hours, but I think a lot of that is testament to working with a professional model who didn’t need a lot of time to warm up.  However, I don’t think I’ve ever been challenged so much about some of my styling decisions on set!  The model is actually wearing the dress backwards in the 6th photo, and it almost took the jaws of life just to get her in the dressing room to even try it. I’m glad I knixed the tights at the photographers suggestion before the shoot though.  I’m ultimately happy with the outcome of the styling of this shoot,  I wish I had used a few more accessories in a couple of images, but overall I’m happy to have something more mis-matched and unexpected in my portfolio!

Check it out on!

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