So, I totally owe you guys a BIG blog post concerning what’s been going on with Ooh La Luxe! lately, including the close of my salon space, and I’ll get to that soon! But in the meantime I’ve got to show off this amazing new Black Orchid Thunder Skinny Jeans promo, made by our awesome graphic intern Jenisa!

Cute, no? If you’re wondering what Thunder is, it’s one of two Black Orchid washes we’re carrying currently; it’s the darkest and our best selling. If you’re new to Black Orchid, or just need a basic jean, these come HIGHLY recommended…not just from me but also from the slew of celebs wearing them currently. And for those who haven’t tried Black Orchid, these jeans are perfect for summer because they’re so light weight (yet durable at the same time). Where I live temperatures go up to over 100 and these are the only jeans I’ll wear during the summer.

We’re currently carrying the Black Orchid Black Jewel Skinny Jeans in Thunder for $102, and if you use one of coupon codes (such as SPRING20 for 20% off) you’ll get a discount.

Also be sure to check out Jenisa’s portfolio to see more of her amazing work!

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